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Maine Windblade Challenge 2010 - 5/14/2010
Maine Windblade Challenge 2010
The Maine Wind Blade Challenge hopes to incorporate students’ curiosity, creativity and drive to experience the world of composites and wind power development through the collaboration of linked composite educational institutions, industry and other associations.

All Maine High Schools are challenged to develop teams of students with an academic advisor to design the most efficient wind blade. School teams will partner with either an educational facility or composite business to complete the infusion process for constructing their blades.

The Advanced Engineered Wood and Composite Center (AEWC) at the University of Maine will create a universal testing instrument to mount all blade turbines on and will host the blade testing competition. The University will measure the power output of each blade turbine design at a set wind speed. Awards will go to the top teams which have the greatest power. There will also be awards for the most comprehensive research and design process. Competition will take place on May 14th, 2010.

For more information: http://www.mainewindbladechallenge.com/

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