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You might enjoy visiting these publications. Many are Maine-based; others have strong ties to the industry in Maine. All of them offer a glimpse of the industry or the sport.

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Hodgdon Yachts Launches New Navy Seal Transport Vessel - 1/11/2008
Hodgdon Yachts Launches New Navy Seal Transport Vessel
Hodgdon Yachts, of Boothbay Harbor, launched a new composite version of the Navy Seals "Mark V" patrol boat Friday morning. The current Mark V boats are constructed of aluminum, and the G-forces that the crews experience often leave them exhausted before their missions begin. The new prototype is 50% stronger, and slightly lighter, than the current Mark V. Senator Susan Collins, R-Maine, christened the vessel. Also in attendance at the launch were Representative Tom Allen D-Maine, Captain Evan Thompson, Commander of Special Warfare Group, Dr. Robert Kennedy of the University of Maine, Dr. John Pazik, Office of Naval Research, Rev. Peter Panagore, Radio Parish Church, and Commissioner John Richardson, Department of Economic and Community Development for Maine.

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