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The boating industry in Maine offers an abundance of high-quality jobs that can lead to excellent long-term careers.

The Maine coast has been a historical hub for ship and boat builders, but did you know about all the other jobs related to the marine trades? The marine trades encompass many other aspects of the recreational boating industry from boat sales and dealerships, to systems and service technicians, to marina operations, and even interior designers and decorators for yachts.

We welcome you to explore and learn more about the jobs, careers, training and schools that we have here in Maine. There are many resources that will help you launch your career!
Who We Are
MaineMarineCareers.com and MaineCompositeCareers.com is a network of organizations that promotes careers in the boatbuilding, marine trades and composites manufacturing industries. These industries offer many exciting career opportunities for young people who are looking for the kind of work that will keep them excited about what they do each day. We believe that no matter what level of education or training you enter the industry with you will find many ways to learn new things, increase your skill levels and make a good living. Please let us know how we can help you in your career exploration!
Maine Marine Trades
Maine Marine Trades Assoc.
MMTA is totally committed to serving the needs of its members by providing quality programs and services such as timely educational and training programs focusing on workplace safety, environmental compliance and technical training. Our Annual Conference & Business Meeting serves as a major training and networking event for the membership and Regional Meetings provide members with face to face access to the Board and Staff and additional peer to peer networking in a less formal setting.
Maine Built Boats
Maine Built Boats
We produce top quality vessels built with Maine pride. Maine built boats - from luxury yachts to workboats and canoes - exemplify the finest craftsmanship and latest technology available today. Our strong support industry, ranging from sail makers and yacht interior designers to boat-related software developers, has also established Maine as a leader in custom upgrades, restorations, and outfitting. An experienced workforce, augmented by some of the finest boat building education facilities in the country, provides access to the best manufacturing talent available.
Maine Marine Trades
Maine Composites Alliance
Maine's composite industry is comprised of small and mid-sized shops proud to deliver innovative, high-quality, cutting-edge design and manufacturing services for the marine, automotive, aerospace, architecture and industrial industries in Maine, as well as for businesses throughout the United States and around the world. Maine's composite industry is at the core of the state's world-class custom yacht and boat building industry.
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